The MOOC of You

Introducing, Keystones: Foundations for a Successful Life

Practical Academics offers graduating high school seniors the first season of Keystones MOOC edition, an entertaining, interactive exploration of fifteen life skills for personal and professional success.  The program starts with a short ‘onboarding’ adventure where you learn how to use a state-of-the-art learning management systems (LMS). Each week you will listen to a short episode of Game On, and full cast audio drama, then join online discussions to explore and develop your perspectives that will help you succeed on your own. Keystones is cloud-based, educational environmental theater, and can be experience from any internet connected device, including your smart phone. Join the MOOC, Game On!

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Testimonials from our Beta Test students:

“I absolutely loved the content – across the board, it’s is short and sweet, yet pertinent and thought-provoking.”

“I enjoyed the autonomy and flexibility that accompanies the online platform. I was able to navigate Canvas and interact with fellow students and the mentors at my own pace.”

“This course helped me to reflect on my life solutions. I think that this course can help me to discover how to balance work-life.”

“I feel like this course will help me a lot in my personal development. The self-analysis, discussions, and journaling activities are really helping me discover what areas in my life could be improved with a bit of effort.”

MOOCYou is the online school of you, operated by Practical Academics. We develop and operate engaging learner-centered programs for a variety of markets delivered via blended and MOOC models.